The Books

These are books that go beyond words. It’s not just about the words on a page … but a means to help the reader know things they wouldn’t otherwise know, feel things they wouldn’t otherwise feel, and understand things they wouldn’t otherwise understand.

The purpose of both Lives Worth Living and Courage is Compulsory is to impart courage, resilience, determination and optimism. The real-life stories shared by the authors across these two books are a source of inspiration both for parents and carers of children with life-limiting conditions and for young adults facing enormous challenges in their lives because of living with a life-limiting condition. Both books will open your eyes to the limitless possibilities in life and cause you to wonder at the resilience and strength of the human spirit.


Lives Worth Living is a collection of true stories, written by fifteen mums and four siblings, which tell of the joys and the challenges of caring for children with life-limiting conditions. For more information, click here

Courage is Compulsory is a montage of stories from three remarkable young adults who are achieving great things whilst living with life-shortening conditions. For more information, click here