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The power of the story.

Sometimes a loss is so great that it becomes locked inside us, and with no way out, it can become all-consuming. A story can act as a pressure valve,
enabling the reader to identify with, and recognise, the emotions behind the story and thereby process their own feelings. In many ways, this can help
people to move forward in their grief.

The Lives Worth Living authors featured in the book have found that exploring their own personal stories through writing – and sharing that story
with others in similar circumstances – to be both empowering and uplifting.

In the words of two of our authors:

“I must admit I was dreading writing it as I thought it would bring all my emotions to the surface, but it was very uplifting to write. It made me realise
how lucky I was, to have had time with such a precious little angel.”

“I was extremely low, wondering what on earth to do, when I was asked to write my story. The process has been vital to my survival and has helped me find
the direction my life needed to take now that I am on my own.”

We hope that you, too, will discover the power of the story by sharing yours.

Please use the form below to add your details and attach your story. It will be sent through to the Editor of Lives Worth Living, Janet Cotter.
Janet will read your story and then it will be added to our Stories page for everyone to benefit from.

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