About Us

We are fifteen mothers of children who were born with, or developed, life-limiting conditions, four siblings, three remarkable young people with stories to tell, a big-hearted story-teller and counsellor with a vision to create a book to help others, a committed publisher with a passion for books that go beyond words and many caring ‘supporters’ who have backed up this project in so many different ways.

It all started when Janet Cotter saw first-hand how stories can unlock emotions and help people to feel that they are not alone, whilst running story-telling sessions for ‘Remembering Days’ at Little Bridge House. During this time she met many brave and inspiring parents and relatives of children with life-limiting conditions, and Janet saw the opportunity to capture their stories of resilience, joy, tears, struggle and laughter within the pages of a book, which would help others. With the help of Southgate Publishers, who specialise in producing resources for hospices, Lives Worth Living was born and a quest for funding was underway.

Please watch our short video, used for our fundraising campaign, which explains the drive and the emotion behind the Lives Worth Living book.

The authors saw this publication not only as a therapeutic resource for other families in similar circumstances, but as a way of raising funds for two amazing charities who provided unconditional support to them: Children’s Hospice South West and Jessie May, Children’s Hospice at Home.

In time, the Lives Worth Living book and website became a reality thanks to the 210 people who pledged their financial support through the CrowdFunder platform. Lives Worth Living was launched at Children’s Hospice South West’s Devon hospice, Little Bridge House, on Monday 21st July 2014. Please see below for a wonderful little video piece about our book – and everything it stands for – courtesy of BBC Spotlight.

To find out more about how we want to make a difference through our Lives Worth Living book, please read this short interview with Janet Cotter.

And then … On Tuesday 10th November 2015, a second book – focusing on the lives of three young people with life-shortening conditions – was launched. Courage is Compulsory, like its predecessor, only came about becuase of the support from a ‘community’ of friends and families, giving businesses and kind-hearted strangers. This time, the book was published by Beyond Words Publishing, an off-shoot of Southgate Publishers, with a specialism in charity publications. In order to ensure that as many people as possible around the world could be touched by the remarkable lives of the three young authors, it was decided to release the book as an eBook.

We hope that you will read our books and the lasting impact will go beyond words